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You’re Fired

Ever been fired here’s another article on fired read this article: Coach Claudio Ranieri

Before I became a freelancer, I got fired from my J-O-B. It wasn’t my dream job, but losing it put a real bad vibe in my spirit. You think you’re doing well; everybody is complimenting you on your work, and one day. Someone calls you to the room where you were interviewed and hired in. And you see the first two people who hired you. And they don’t look pleased. You have a slip detailing why they “have to let you go.” The slip says you didn’t know the languages as you said you did. This is after, I received compliments on my work from my peers incessantly. “Why”? you ask (demand), what had you done wrong? You didn’t hear anything negative from the lead developer or the IT Manager; you’re surprised, no outraged! This doesn’t make any sense. What was wrong with my code? “Who said my code was wrong”? you ask. No clear answers, you just need to go.

Ring Ring Ring

My phone goes off. It’s a recruiter calling me in the middle of my termination. Of course, I don’t answer the call, but I’m told your code wasn’t the only reason. You’re working on other people’s business, you violated our phone policy. The hand book says no cell phones while at work. Truth be told, I was answering calls in the event I do get terminated ironically. A company’s goal is to make money in order to sustain business. In fact, that’s everyone’s goal.¬†You should look at yourself as a business/consultant. You’re getting paid to work on somebody else’s project, but you shouldn’t look at yourself as an employee trying to grow in a company unless they give you a good reason.

Don’t Get Screwed!



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