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You guessed it: The Falcons Fans

            This is why I never bet on the Falcons even though I’ve lived here for 30+ years; I never really supported the falcons. The Falcons are just a flirt and tease that dress up like marriage material. I am happy the Falcons reached Super Bowl 51, I’m happy for Matt Ryan for winning the MVP, but I feel really bad for Falcons fans. To see how happy and excited the city of Atlanta gets every post-season just gets me down. I want to say the Falcons should be proud of their season, but they were just soooooo close to that trophy I could only imagine the disappointment in the locker room. It just feels like a once in a generation opportunity lost. But Falcons fans and supporters should be optimistic about the future. The dirty birds have a lot of young talent to build upon. So The Falcons did rise up but just short of the heights we all believed they could. Keep your head up Falcons, your time will come again.

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