Claudio Ranieri fired after being awarded Coach of the year award
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Coach of the Year to Fired in 9 months?

Who got screwed?

Claudio Ranieri

Just a year ago Claudio Ranieri and Leceicester City were on top of the world.
Getting fired is not fun, I’ve been there before. Especially when your termination comes swiftly and without warning. Some businesses have a culture of not valuing the efforts of their key component: the people. You might say business is dependent on money, and money is the true life blood, but you won’t get far without a committed team.

Leicester City was one of the greatest Cinderella stories ever seen in sports.

A team goes absent from the EPL for almost 10 years to become champions of one of the toughest leagues in Europe. The Leicester City Foxes,  led by a newly appointed coach, Claudio Ranieri made sports history on May 2, 2016 when they were crowned champions of England, the first time in its club history. They were only the third team in EPL history to avoid relegation after being at the bottom of the table post Christmas. Claudio’s team only lost 3 games in the 2015-2016 season out of 38 matches played. In 12 months, they went from a relegation threat to English Premier League champions, and one of the greatest contributors to this turnaround was the coach Claudio Ranieri. Claudio Ranieri also added a trophy of his own to his trophy case, the coach of the year award. The meteoric rise of Leceister City was like a plot out of a movie, except more congruous to reality. Hell, it was real!

But sometimes the sequel isn’t always as good as the original movie. The attempts to recreate the magic of the first act are usually contrived or cheesy, sometimes terrible in the subsequent productions. Just look at Jurassic Park. The first movie was magical, filled our minds with awe, but the second(wasn’t bad) and third, not so much. Sadly for the Leicester City fox fans this film is not yet rated, but the trailers aren’t looking too good. Leicester is having a change of fortunes, but this time it’s trending downward. 9 months later Leicester are 2015-2016 Champions of the EPL to being on the verge of relegation. Who or what’s to blame?

Gary Lineker blamed the exit of midfielder Kante as a huge blow to Ranieri’s side:

“Leicester City will not win title after N’Golo Kante exit”

“He can’t do that anymore. Kante was the most unsung of the big three players, but he was probably the most important.”

Luis Enrique's Barcelona are on the verge of elimination in the Champions League
Photo supplied by [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

But players are seldom blamed when the league record is are facing relegation. Let’s look at FC Barcelona. Luis Enrique fresh off a historically victorious season winning La Liga, Champions League and the Copa del Rey is under fire because he faces relegation in the Champions League. Enrique has been here before with FC Barcelona when he first arrived Barca struggled early and often in his tenure but went on to win every major tourney a club could. FC Barcelona wasn’t facing relegation, but the team nicknamed “mes que un club”(more than a club) has lofty aspirations and self-esteem. Had Barcelona fired Enrique midway through the season as rumors were swirling about his termination, who’s to say FC Barcelona would’ve broken the records they did. For Enrique’s sake, let’s hope the board and the ownership are as patient as they were when he first came to the club.

If it weren’t for Ranieri, Leicester City wouldn’t even be in the EPL they would’ve been relegated to the English Football League Championship. So it’s ironic the board has gotten rid of one of the stewards of their good fortune. To those of us who have been discarded from the conveyor belt as defective refuse, this strikes a chord. This is business as usual. People are disposable cogs not to be commemorated for their past achievements or contributions. You work for them and they owe you nothing, other than the compensation for your time, regardless of what your circumstances are. You served your purpose getting me to the next foreseeable obstacle/project, now you must go.

Claudio Ranieri got screwed!

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